A Man Who Was Born Without Legs Now Becoming A Professional Freestyle Wrestler – VIDEO

A man who was born without legs due to a genetic di-sorder revealed how the support of his fo-ster family allowed him to enter the world of pro wre-stling. Zion Clark, 22, from Ohio, was born with Ca-udal Regr-ession Syndr-ome, a seri-ous di-sorder that impairs the development of the lower sp-ine.

He explained he grew up in fo-ster care and was often mo-cked by bu-llies for having no legs. But his fo-ster mother Kimberlii, who eventually adopted him, was always by his side to cheer him on. Thanks to Kimberlii’s dedicated support for his love of athleticism, Zion is now close to becoming of the world’s most successful pro freestyle wre-stlers. Zion said: ‘I started wre-stling in second grade.

‘When I was really little, the first few matches, I didn’t know what to do and neither did my opp-onent.

‘Some kids were sca-red to wre-stle me – I was sc-ared to wre-stle them. I didn’t know what I was doing.’I adapted my wre-stling by a lot of trial and error. Spent years figuring out what would work.’I now train twice a day, about six days a week. It’s a grind, it’s a lifestyle.’ Being born without legs hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I want to do.’ Zion’s earlier years in school were to-ugh as he endured bu-llying for his condition and would often respond with an-ger.

‘People would make fun of me because I didn’t have legs,’ he said.’ The best way to deal with h-aters is to use the h-ate to lift yourself up.

‘The ha-ters are your biggest fans – use that to your advantage.’ The school wasn’t the greatest time for me, but by the time I was a senior I was able to turn it around and get into college and do everything I wanted to do.’ And a big reason why Zion was able to turn his life around was down to his positive outlook and the relationship he has with his mother, Kimberly. Zion added: ‘The relationship with my mom is fantastic. She’s the greatest woman I know.’

For Zion, his future now holds endless possibilities and he will never stop aiming high.

He said: ‘My dreams and ambitions? One day, to make the Olympic team and be one of the best freestyle wre-stlers in the world.’ The biggest lesson I’ve had to learn is that things won’t always go your way.’ You have to work with what you’ve got.’ Once you’re able to work with what you have, multiple doors just start to open.’

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