Rapper Future’s So-called Baby Mama Cindy Parker Celebrates Her Son’s 1st Birthday

Future’s so-called baby mama Cindy Parker is showing off the rapper’s so-called son on his 1st birthday.Cindy shared a series of personal photos of son Legend Wilburn on Instagram. She wrote a touching message to her first child, “Happy 1st Birthday Papi 🥳 We celebrate you today!

You’re so handsome, smart, funny, loving & full of life. You bring me so much happiness & you have made me become a better woman. Thank you for being my peace. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is.

She continued, “I promise to always be there for you, & do my very best raising you to be a respectful young man. I will protect you forever. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you. You’re the greatest & I know you’ll live up to your name.. LEGEND ARY✨ I love you always stink🤞🏽”

Future has yet to acknowledge Legend as one of his children.As The Bla-st previously reported, last year, Cindy su-ed Future for paternity, child support and cu-stody. She acc-used him of being the biological father to her son Legend. She even gave her kid Future’s real last name of Wilburn.

The case dra-gged on for several months with Cindy unable to serve Future with the legal papers.At one point, Cindy spoke out clai-ming Future offered her “hu-sh money” to stay silent about the situation. The rapper never addressed the cla-ims of offering money to CIndy for her silence.

During the case, Cindy befriended another woman su-ing Future for paternity, Eliza Reign. The two had their kids submit to a DNA test which showed they had a 99.9 percent probability of being half-siblings. Cindy took the DNA test results and fi-led them in her paternity case.

After months of delay, Future finally responded to the case. Days later, Cindy informed the court she was voluntarily di-smissing the lawsu-it. All signs point to a settlement being reached outside of court.Future’s current girlfriend, Lori Harvey, continues to remain by his side.

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