Kanye West Announced That He Would Be Running For US Presidency In 2020, Received Support From Elon Musk

It’s happening (or so it seems) … Kanye West is running for President, and he says he’s doing it sooner than later — as in RIGHT NOW!!! At least that’s how it sounds, anyway.Ye made the announcement out of nowhere Saturday on Twitter, saying … “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!

#2020Vision”Funny enough, he immediately got the support of one the biggest names in tech — one Elon Musk, who replied, “You have my full support!” Interestingly, the two of them had just hu-ng out a few days prior to Kanye’s declaration … and they seem like total besties.

Now, back to politics for a sec. It’s not completely crazy that Kanye is announcing this bid for the White House — he’s publicly to-yed with the idea several times in the past … perhaps most notably at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Hell, folks thought he’d run in 2016.

Of course, since then … Kanye has di-pped his toe in and out of politics and political talk to much cri-ticism — and in some cases, to praise. Just depends on who you talked to. And yes, the guy’s voiced his support for President Trump many times over since 2016.

If he’s ser-ious here — and it’s hard to tell if he is or not — it would appear he’s willing to go head to head with DT in a general election. We should note though, KW has NOT fi-led to run this year with the FEC, which is a requirement for anyone getting into the ra-ce.

Hey, November’s a long way from now. It could happen ?????

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