Mike Tyson Revealed That His Trainer Fi-red Him Up By With $22M Purse On 1st-Round KO – VIDEO

Mike Tyson was in a ru-sh to de-stroy Michael Spinks, 32 years ago today – and with good reason as his trainer told Iron Mike pre-fi-ght he’d bet $22 million on a first-round KO.

“My trainer told me before I left [for the ring] that he bet both of our purses that I’d kn-ock him out in the first round,” said Tyson post-fi-ght, when asked about the extreme urgency which saw him dem-olish the unbe-aten Spinks in 91 seconds.

If any place is crazy enough to take a bet that size, Atlantic City, New Jersey might be the place.Tyson doubled-down on his comments in the press conference afterwards, explaining:

“Before I left my penthouse, my trainer told me: ‘I have some news to tell you: it’s either good or bad – it depends on you. I took the money for both of our purses, and bet that you’d kno-ck him out in the first round.’

“And I didn’t know if he was fooling or not! Because I know he likes to ga-mble – and I’m saying, did he really do this?”When the fi-ght was over, I said: ‘Where’s the $45 million?’ He said: ‘I was only kidding.'”

Trainer Kevin Rooney laughs she-epishly alongside the animated 21-year-old, as Tyson tells the story following what’s widely considered the greatest win of his career.

Tyson had collected all of the alphabet title belts by 1988 – but Spinks was the lineal champion, so their cla-sh billed as ‘Once And For All’ was seen as deciding the planet’s best he-avyweight.

Spinks was guaranteed $13.5 million, while Tyson’s purse was a reported $22 million – which Rooney managed to convince his fi-ghter he’d ga-mbled, in its entirety, on a first-round KO (at fictional odds of around evens, if Tyson believed the bet was returning $45 million).

As a way to psych up a prime Tyson, it seems unnecessary. He was known to get into a vi-olent, br-utal mindset pre-fi-ght – pu-nching holes in dressing room walls before he sta-lked to the ring in his stri-pped-back attire.

In fact, Spinks’ team spectacularly sh-ot themselves in the foot before this contest. They del-iberately engineered pre-fig-ht delays, including questioning Iron Mike’s hand wraps in an attempt to get in his head, until Tyson was overflowing with barely contained an-ger.”You know I’m going to h-urt this guy,” said Tyson to Rooney before he left for the ring.

Spinks, despite his vet-eran status, was actually the one feeling inti-midated by the delays – especially as he could hear Tyson thu-mping holes in their joining walls.

People close to him later clai-med Spinks was terr-ified of facing Tyson and didn’t want to leave his dressing room when fig-ht time finally came.

The 31-year-old certainly bo-xed like a man lacking ta-ctical control, as he stood in front of Tyson instead of trying to fru-strate him. He took just eight total pu-nches, but Tyson’s deva-stating mix of co-mpact ho-oks and upperc-uts left Spinks glassy-eyed on the canvas and counted out.

It was the 16th first-round kno-ckout of Tyson’s career and the most impressive so far. Although it did “only” earn the champ his $22 million purses, rather than the $45 million that his trainer Rooney half-convinced him it would.

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