Nicki Minaj Shared Fan Look-A-Likes Of Her ‘Trollz’ Video Look – See Photos

Can anyone look as h-ot as Nicki Minaj did in the ‘Trollz’ video?!!Well, the queen just gave her fans the opportunity to do just that, and she shared the best of the best submissions — and the pictures are mind-blowing!!

Nicki Minaj posted photos on Instagram of some of the ho-ttest attempts at getting to get her to look just right, and fans are going n-uts over how good they came out!”Who nailed the look? #TrollzVIDEO” Nicki captioned the best photos! Now, Take A Look!! — You Be The Judge!

See The Mind-Blowing Photos!

As you scroll through all the photos, ask yourself, who pu-lled it off best?!In Nicki’s IG post, the first image was a drawing someone submitted of the queen form the actual video — but, that doesn’t count, so #2 is where the ho-tsh-ots begin.

As you can see, the group started off with a ba-ng, after Nicki shared this photo of a stu-nning look-a-like that could double for Minaj anytime!”Second!!!” one fan said excitedly, after giving the award for 1st prize to this photo as soon as they saw it!!

Who Pu-lled Off The “Trollz’ Look The Best?!

Put it this way, as you can imagine….ALL of the photos are stu-nning and one fan put it like this, “Damn they all fine…. 🌾👀🌾”But, the third sh-ot is largely becoming a fan favorite in Nicki’s comments after several people believed this young lady could actually be related to the rapper!”3rd slide looks like she can be ya sister, 😍” a fan wrote.

Another added, “The third one is so cute!””3rd girl was really in her bag 🔥🔥🔥 they all nailed it!!! Barbz always the ba-ddest and the talent is imm-ense ❤️” one fan posted.

But, this sh-ot brought out a bunch of chatter online too!”They all bodied I can’t even choose,” a fan wrote after getting through the group of se-xy snaps!

As we reported, ‘Trollz’ took the #1 spot on Billboard this week, and Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj celebrated the win by thanking all of their fans for supporting the track.

More Look-A-Like H-ot Sh-ots!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine posted a video on Instagram ranting about other rappers who said he could never be #1 after being released from pr-ison. In the message, Tekashi 69 att-acked Future, Meek Mill, and others for their ongoing be-ef with the rainbow rapper.

“You guys ever notice that when people di-ss me, or they say my name, or try to clown me, the moment I respond, like the moment I address them, I’m dra-gging [them],” he said. He continued, “I get it. Well, today I’m No. 1 in the world, right, and I just wanna address a couple of things.”

Who Wore It Best?! You Be The Judge!!

In the video, Tekashi held up a handwritten list of artists he had a problem with and proceeded to bl-ast the entire group.“I got a list. Let’s start at the top. Future: you’ve been rapping for over a decade, not over a decade, close to a decade. You have many Drake features, my friend, and you never went No. 1. Mr. Meek Mill, since 2011, close to a decade, you never went No. 1 either,” he ra-nted.

For the record, Future’s latest album “High Off Life” landed him his seventh #1 on Billboard’s 200 list — and Meek has two #1 albums on the same chart.So, which Nicki Minaj look-a-like is the BEST?!!

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