This Model Wants ‘World’s Biggest Bum’ Is Willing To Spend £38k On Plastic Surgery

A stunning model who loves nothing more than wearing revealing lingerie is on a mission to secure the biggest b*m in the world.

Meli Santa, 24, boasts 407,000 followers on Instagram where she shares sizzling photos of her surgically-enhanced figure.

The plastic surgery fan has already had multiple procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift, a nose job, two b*ob jobs and a lip lift.

Despite her body confidence and the attention she receives from admirers, the Persian beauty actually wants more procedures done.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Meli revealed she wants to become even more b*otylicious.She said: “I want the best butt in the world. I’m on a mission to make it much bigger.”

Mel added: “My butt looks quite natural now, but I prefer the over-the-top fake look, so I want butt implants to increase the size even more.”I will keep having surgery until I get the results I want.”

Despite her determination, Meli’s quest to achieve the best fake b*m in the world isn’t exactly going to plan.The model claims that all cosmetic surgeons she’s spoken to have refused to perform the procedure on her.

She added: “Many people admire my bo*ty and ask me where I got it done.”They tell me it’s 100% perfect and that I should not change it.”I visited many cosmetic surgeons and they advised me not to change it.

“And they refuse to do more because it’s already big and round and if I make it larger it will look out of proportion on my body.”Meli is so desperate for her dream booty that she will go any lengths to get it, even if it means paying above the odds.

She explained: “I will pay $50,000 (£38,612) to any reputable cosmetic surgeon out there who will make my wish come true.”I’m ready to travel anywhere in the world for the right surgeon. But I’m prepared to spend whatever it takes to get butt implants.”

Luckily for the model, thousands of admirers still appreciate the way Meli looks.Fans pay a whopping $200 (£154) a month to subscribe to her Premium Snapchat account.When asked about if her plans to increase her b*oty, the model insists it’s not to attract the fellas.

She added: “Some men like big, fake butts and some prefer natural, but I don’t care. I’m 100% doing this for myself.”Maybe it’s a crazy idea to some that I want a really big b*m and will pay thousands to get it, but I really want it and it’s worth it.”

This Article First Published On DAILYSTAR